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gocoworq.com is an online tool to search for best coworking spaces around you, check their details and reviews. You can book a day pass or meeting room access online only on gocoworq.com

Gocoworq provides go-pass to get you great discounted deals on coworking rentals. You can also avail easy access and hassle free checkin with our passport feature.

Having our passport gives you the extra benefit of accessing any one of numerous locations throughout India without any hassle. We have multiple packages of our passport program, click here to find out which one suits you the best.

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20,000+ Coworking Spaces Available

Gocoworq platform lists more than 20,000 spaces online for you to choose from. Select spaces offer special discounts for go-pass holders.


up to 15% discounts

Find your perfect coworking space online on gocoworq for free of cost. Get best discounts with fixed monthly charges on go-pass.


100% Offline Priority Support

Gocoworq space experts are willing to provide priority based support to go-pass holders on phone call, whats ap or email.


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passport credits can be used for payment at select spaces. Occupy your desk in less than 5 minutes by using passport credits, subject to availability.

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Get Leads directly to your inbox for free. Manage your Leads efficiently, send them marketing emails and invoices with ease. Set online availability to accept day pass bookings online. Avail most suitable features for your coworking space at fingure tips.

Gocoworq go-pass
Starts at just Rs 199/month

gocoworq.com offers one single pass for users to get great discounts on select spaces. Every shared office space in go-pass network offers up to 15% discount to the pass holders and give them priority access. Users also get priority support from gocoworq team in case of any difficulty. You can purchase additional credits with gocoworq passport. Pay with passport credits in go-pass network spaces to get access in less than 5 minutes.

You can purchase additional credits with go-pass. Pay with go-pass credit in go-pass network spaces to get access in less than 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Coworking space or Shared office space?

Coworking space is an emerging style of office space in modern days. One big space is offered to be rented on dedicated desks based or separate small office cabin based. An individual professional can rent out desk space(s) for him/her or for his/her team. Coworking space is also known as shared office space where like minded people from different fields or domains are sitting under the same roof on their dedicated spaces. Such shared spaces are famouns amongst freelancers, small startups, corporate professionals and some big corporate enterprises as well.

What are benefits of Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces offer great benefits and flexibilities to coworkers. One major benefit is they are quite cost effective. Users pay rent of only space and resources that they occupy rather than the whole premises. Sharing office spaces like these provide mostly all basic requirements like high speed internet, meeting or conference rooms, printing-scanning, stationary items, food and beverages at ease. Coworking spaces are often managed by a professional teams so users do not have any headache of managing small matters like cleaning, water, tea-coffee, internet connection, maintenance etc and they can simply focus on their work only.


How gocoworq helps?

Gocoworq brings list of best coworking spaces in all cities of India at your finger tips. You can find most suitable dedicated desk(s) or private office cabin for yourself or your team with our search feature. With online booking feature of gocoworq, you can easily see availability of a desk and book them online quickly for a day pass. Gocoworq go-pass avails great discounts of up-to 15% on monthly rentals for prominent coworking spaces at very low cost.Click here to find best coworking space for you or your team.

Gocoworq is one of the best tool for space owners in India. We provide leads to you as well as help managing your coworking space in an efficient way. Gocoworq is one stop solution for generating revenue and managing your space at the same time Click here to List Your Space now.

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Coworking Space in India | Shared office space in India

Coworking spaces are getting more popular and convenient place to work for more people day by day. Individual professionals like IT freelancers, Chartered Accountants, Travel Agents, Real Estate Brokers, Marketing Professionals or small start-ups are very much attracted towards shared office spaces for various reasons. The energy, community, and the productivity-inducing shared office space designs are just a few reasons why coworking spaces are highly sought after. The most attractive benefit of sharing office with different teams and individuals is cost. When a big space of a corporate premises is shared with several individuals or teams, it becomes cost effective to possess them by the people sharing it. Moreover, people sharing it on rental basis do not have to worrry about maintaining anything on their own because professionals are taking care of it. Small things about offices like managing drinking water, hot/cold beverages, electricity, stable internet connection, dusting and cleaning, handling couriers etc are taken care of with ease by space owners or managers and end users just have to pay monthly rent for the space they occupy.

Gocoworq helps you find such highly efficient and budget friendly coworking spaces in all cities of India. Gocoworq has coworking space network in almost all the cities of India, whether it be a metro city like New Delhi or it be a small town like Panjim, we have coworking space for you everywhere.

What is the future of coworking spaces in India?

Model of sharing office space with several other people or teams is adapted more and more now a days. India is becoming a hub of new start-ups and businesses so flexible work space demand is on growth as well. Coworking space market is expected to grow rapidly in India in near future. In its earlier days, coworking spaces were seen suitable for only freelancers but now a days, whether its a small start-up or a big enterprises, everyone is attracted towards the idea of coworking.

Not only monthly plans for desks and private cabins, coworking spaces also offer day passes to access a desk for a day, conference rooms for important meetings, event spaces on rent and virtual offices as well. This is considered a game changing factor how people will start working in modern days.

What are the amenities that coworking spaces provide?

Coworking spaces provide all the basic amenities that modern day working personnal would require. That includes parking facility, healthy work ambience, air conditioning, mineral water, stable and strong internet connection, printing/scanning facility, courier support, dedicated meeting rooms, lunch/snack areas, hot/cold beverages and many more. Some prominent coworking space brands also offer big event spaces on rent, work environment friendly launge area, lunch or snacks with inhouse canteen and much more.

Why choose gocoworq to find coworking or shared office space in India?

Gocoworq has a wide network of coworking spaces all over India. Gocoworq search tool is very easy to use and user friendly. Gocoworq shows all important information like pictures, address, ratings, prices, important amenities and discounts directly on the list page. Gocoworq tool has details of a specific coworking space which no other platform has. Gocoworq offers great discounts on monthly rentals of some of the best coworking spaces. Click here to start your search now.

Why choose gocoworq to manage your coworking space?

Gocoworq is one stop solution for coworking space owners. Our web tool has all the important and valuable features that most coworking spaces ask for. Space owners can manage their details, seats, prices, availability, pictures, amenities, payment methods, operating hours, discount offerings with ease with gocoworq web tool. Space owners can manage leads, send marketing emails to their leads, send invoices to their occipiers, automate billing for long term occupiers, manage inventories, see revenue and expense reports with our online tool. Gocoworq team keep adding more and more valuable features for coworking space owners with each day passed. Click here to list your space and get most of it.